Johannesburg is eGoli, the city of gold in hearts

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.” Matt 13:44

I arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa this morning for one of my twice-yearly 10 day trips here and I am feeling a pregnant sense of excitement in the (spiritual) air. The Lord’s heart is very full of purpose and goodwill for this “capital city of Africa”, and the key is the gold that He sees in hearts of men and women. 

When Johannesburg was founded almost 130 years ago, it’s was the lure of the Witwatersrand, the largest gold-hosting reef known to man, that attracted the world. Fortunes were made, and still today ‘eGoli’ (‘place of gold’ in the local vernacular) draws dreamers of fortune. 

But the true ‘gold’ in this city and the African continent is a massive “Human Witwatersrand”, the gold in the ore of hearts. 

It is this potential in mankind that caused the Son of God to “sell it all” to purchase our future.

Challenge yourself today to see some of the gold that Christ sees in your life, and dream with that sense of potential.

I’m particularly excited about some of the speaking/preaching engagements that are scheduled because I feel the Lord is going to do something special. If you’re in the area and available, you’re welcome to join one of these meetings. It would be wonderful to see you there.

  • Sunday 12th April –  8:30am and 10:30am services at His People Church, Rosebank. I’ll be speaking on “The Gospel’s Big Ideas”. What Jesus concentrated on during His ministry life is not what we often think. When we realize His priorities, we access so much more of God’s grace. See for venue details and more info.
  • Sunday 12th April – 6pm at WITS University His People. I’ll be speaking on “Living for a Cause”. Where’s the best place to invest your life? See for venue details and more info.
  • Saturday 18th April – 10am at His People Campus Harvest. Its the same venue as His People Rosebank above.
  • Sunday 19th April – 10am at WITS University His People. “Living for a Cause” See for venue details and more info.
  • Sunday 19th April – 5pm at UJ University His People. “Living for a Cause”. See for venue details and more info.

Non-student visitors are more than welcome to attend the campus sessions. Experiencing the energy and seeing the wonderful work of God on these campuses is inspiring!

2 thoughts on “Johannesburg is eGoli, the city of gold in hearts

  1. Scott Mandeville April 11, 2015 — 3:31 pm

    Sending a BIG TEXAS HOWDY to all our brothers and sisters at His People!


    1. Thank you brother. At the rugby GE tonight and tomorrow we’ll see the Lord do great things. Blessings to you and Lynn


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