Deeper in Meditation

Watch, listen or read materials from a series of seven live group sessions held in Houston, Texas and attended by video call with participants from Africa, Europe and North America each week. The purpose of the sessions was to explore Bible-based Christian teachings that deepen the practice of centering prayer meditation leading to a real encounter with God and living spirituality that is tangible.

Centering prayer is a form of Christian meditation, “silent waiting prayer” as its described in the Bible, or “contemplative prayer” as it has been described for over 1,600 years in Christian tradition. You should ideally complete our eight week course to learn the basics of centering prayer before embarking on these sessions.

Introduction – Grace not karma is the essence of Christian meditation

Session 1 – Practicing spiritual rest

Session 2 – Experiencing a movement of grace

Session 3 – Attracting an outpouring of divine love

Session 4 – Activating resurrection power

Session 5 – Surrender

Session 6 – Ground Zero of Internal Transformation

Session 7 – The Breath of God

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