Public Talks

Feel free to download and share these talks Rob has given on university campuses, churches and to groups of leaders.

The Power of Righteousness, WITS University, October 4th, 2015

A Supernatural Life, HPCC Rosebank, October 11th, 2015

Princes and Princesses

Many Are Called

Cutting Edge Themes in the Kingdom

A Vision for Transformation

Catching the Spirit of Sonship

The Divine Embrace Part I – Abiding is Staying in His Presence

The Divine Embrace Part II – Keys to Abiding

The Divine Embrace III – The Spirit of Forgiveness

The Divine Embrace IV – How to Increase in the Presence of God

The Divine Embrace V: Staying Filled with the Holy Spirit

Identity Series – Who am I?

Identity Series – I am a Priest

John 1 – Jesus Revealed

John 7 – Overflowing with the Holy Spirit

John 12 – Deeper Worship

A Faith Toolbox for Ordinary Christians

Waiting on God

The Experience of God’s Glory

Understanding Sabbath in the New Testament


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  1. Awesome stuff bro! Love it…


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