Christian Meditation

We are convinced that a regular practice of meditation lies at the core of an authentic Christian life. Described in the Bible and Christian tradition by various phrases such as “waiting on God”, “abiding in the secret place”, “the prayer of the heart”, “the cloud of unknowing” this great practice is the essence of the Biblical recommendation to “be still and know that I am God” and Christ’s first teaching on prayer in Matthew 6:6 describing “prayer in secret”.

The Centering Prayer Practice

We focus on the practice of Centering Prayer, developed over the last decades by the late Father Thomas Keating, a Cistercian abbot, priest and monk and his colleagues, drawing on numerous traditional sources and Biblical practices.

Click here to watch a single video that describes the Centering Prayer practice “in a nutshell.”

Click here to follow an eight week course introducing Centering Prayer with notes and videos recorded from live group sessions held in 2019.

Click here to access notes and video materials from a second course that delves more deeply into the Centering Prayer practice.

Other Meditation Practices

We also examine different Christian meditation techniques that support and enhance the Centering Prayer practice, or that could be practiced independently.

Click here to access video sessions describing the awareness techniques taught by the late Anthony de Mello in his book, “Sadhana, A Way to God.”

Inspiration to Prepare the Heart for Meditation

Finally, we provide snippets from various great leaders and mystics that serve as “sparks” to lift the heart in preparation for meditation times.

Click here to access our “flames for meditation” materials.

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