God’s love erodes our fallen nature

Jesus’ most intense moment, the culmination of his earthly mission was the moment when the Father turned His face away from him. In this moment Jesus lost what He needed most: the Father’s loving presence. As Jesus took upon himself the unimaginable load of humanity’s sin, its consequences and shame, it was only union with the Trinity that would have made it bearable. But his separation from the Father in that moment was the pinnacle of his suffering and agony.

It happened so that the opposite could be our path to healing.

In the moments when we face the wounds of sin – ours or those around us – its access to God’s loving presence that brings us healing. It is this ever-present reality that we are invited to access. This heals our hearts and rewires our neural pathways as it transforms us and unlocks the life of God within us.

In this video I share my experience of this reality in practical terms.

2 thoughts on “God’s love erodes our fallen nature

  1. So well framed, my friend.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    I’m on a prayer call right now with our township pastors in the Eastern and Western Cape… wow, hearing stories of such revival especially among the youth and in the schools. I’m so encouraged!
    Blessings and love to you all


    1. Great to hear man! Pippa is headed for 2 days to Asbury College where something exciting seems to be underway too.


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