My two year journey to discover the lost art of meditation and silent waiting on God

Meditate on your bed and be silent” Psalm 4:4.

Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

Those who follow my blog will notice that I’ve been quiet for the past two years. It’s been for a good reason. I’ve been learning something new and wonderful that has been transformative for me and during this time I’ve felt a bit like a child that can’t yet explain what he is learning. At least not with any level of confidence or authority. Now I’m starting to get a little clearer and am eager to share some of this exciting and life changing stuff with you.

What I’ve discovered is Christian meditation. Not the type of meditation that I’d been taught of “thinking about the scriptures”, which for the record I’d stress is also a very important practice. Rather I’ve discovered meditation as a deeper practice that quietens the mind and activates the heart. It really is a “lost art”. It’s an “art” because it requires practice and discipline and you get better at it over time, and it’s been “lost” because we talk about it so little today in Christianity and it often inspires fear and suspicion for many believers.

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