Centering prayer meditation is a direct path to experiencing God

Centering prayer is one of the most beautiful things that I’ve discovered in my life. That’s not because it is beautiful in itself as a practice, but because it’s one of the clearest, simplest and most profound ways available to accessing God. It is God that is beautiful – infinite love, infinite grace, infinite tenderness and infinite power that mysteriously resides within each of us. That’s what we discover with Centering Prayer in a new and fresh way.

What is it? Centering prayer is a modern form of the traditional practice of “contemplative prayer” as the church termed it over centuries, of “waiting on God” as the Old Testament book of Psalms described it, of “prayer in secret” as Jesus taught in the in New Testament book of Matthew, of “the prayer of the heart” as the Eastern Church taught it and of “practicing the presence of God” as hungry followers of God today seek to do.

It is “to be still and know that I AM God” as is suggested in Psalm 46:10.

One reason centering prayer is so powerful is that it is an uncomplicated way to access God for those without any religious background. Yet for those that are rooted in years of studying the Bible and following the Christian path, it is also a biblically sound practice. If you have no background in religion, after 15 minutes of instruction and a hungry heart, you can begin to experience God.

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