We brought Christ suffering, and now we bring Him joy

He said, “It is a source of endless joy, bliss, and delight to me that I suffered my passion for you.”

This is the sublime beauty of Christ’s actions. This is what he meant when he said, “You are my bliss; my reward, my honor, and my crown.”

And Christ is our crown, also. He is our head!

In his glorified form, he transcends all suffering. In his humanity, into which all human beings are woven, he is not yet fully glorified and is not beyond suffering. He still feels that burning thirst he felt on the cross.

As I see it, Christ’s thirst—his desire and his longing—has been with him always, and always will be, until the last soul is liberated and is lifted into his bliss.

Julian of Norwich, “The Showings of Jesus Christ”

1 thought on “We brought Christ suffering, and now we bring Him joy

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