All things will be well

There was not a single question or doubt I raised for which our good Lord did not have a reassuring response.

“I have the power to make all things well,” he said, “I know how to make all things well, and I wish to make all things well. I shall make all things well. You will see for yourself: every kind of thing shall be well.”

By saying, “I have the power,” he is referring to his authority as the Father. “I know how” coincides with the wisdom of the Son. Saying “I wish” points to the volition of the Holy Spirit. The entire blessed Trinity is unified when he says, “I shall.”

And where he says, “You will see for yourself,” I believe he is including the whole of humanity.

With these five phrases, God wishes us to be enfolded in peace and rest.

Julian of Norwich, “Showings of Jesus Christ”

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