The Kingdom is not a place, its a state of consciousness

“The process in which Christ is born in us and transforms us into citizens of the Kingdom is a state of consciousness rather than a place.

“It is not any state of consciousness, but Christ’s consciousness of the Father as Abba. There the Good News reveals the extraordinary beauty and depth of God’s invitation and challenge to become divine.

“God is not just transcendent, or the God of Israel, or the God of armies, but our Abba, our loving Father, the God of infinite mercy.

“Here we need to look at the broader context of the human family. Where did it come from? Where is it going? God knows each member of the human family through and through with the loving concern of the most caring of parents—an idea more or less contained in the relationship that Jesus had with the Ultimate Reality as Abba. This term was unheard of in religious circles in his time.

“God is close, tender, motherly, and all the other attributes that go with this homey Aramaic word for father. This is the revolutionary attitude toward the Ultimate Reality that Jesus communicated to his contemporaries and is trying to do for us.

From Thomas Keating, “Consenting to God as God Is”

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