Transformation requires detachment

“God will turn the world upside down in order to bring one person to full transformation in Christ. The human family as a whole is meant for transformation. That state of consciousness manifests the glory of God like nothing else can do.

“…detachment from our desires brings the ultimate freedom that will enable us to be transformed.

“When we pray for God’s glory, we are also praying for detachment from ourselves, so that God’s presence may pour through us as a channel.

“A good practice is regularly to take stock of the things that are annoying us the most and to see if the cause might be something that we are not quite ready to let go of.”

Thomas Keating, “Consenting to God as God Is”

1 thought on “Transformation requires detachment

  1. I found that resentment is often the root cause of anger and frustration, so I ask God to show me who or what is the cause of resentment that is controlling my reactions. Then forgive the person or people and ask God to take the resentment from me. I explain how to do this better in my online book on my website,

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