We were born to live surrounded and overshadowed by God’s Presence, and so to change the world

In Acts 3 we gain insight into the supernatural lifestyle that Peter and John lived, or as the Bible terms it, the “spiritual life”. We learn secrets of experiencing the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, living surrounded and overshadowed by God Himself.

We owe the world an encounter with the living God, or as Paul put it, we should give more than “persuasive words but a demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power”. The truths of Acts 3 show that this is possible not only for elite Christians, but a clear path for us all.

  • An impactful supernatural life flows from a rich personal connection with Christ, from time in prayer, in the Word and in waiting on Him. The primary goal must be to know and love God. Enjoy Him and bask in His Presence and you will impact the world around you as natural fruit of “abiding in the vine”.
  • A rich spiritual life grows as we embrace Christ’s righteousness and heavenly grace. We can’t “earn” more of the Holy Spirit in our lives, rather His Presence grows as our sense of being acceptable to the Father deepens. Righteousness, or being “right with God”, is the deepest need of the human heart and is entirely a gift of Christ’s grace.
  • The purpose of the Holy Spirit’s work through us is “the restoration of all things”. Christ’s plan in the earth is restoration not destruction and capitulation, so we can stretch our faith for huge impact by His power in us.

Here is the audio file and powerpoint from a sermon I preached on this topic from Acts 3 this past Sunday at His People Christian Church in Rosebank, South Africa.

Audio file: A Supernatural Lifestyle

Powerpoint slides: A Supernatural Lifestyle

1 thought on “We were born to live surrounded and overshadowed by God’s Presence, and so to change the world

  1. lisa@hispeoplejoburg.org October 14, 2015 — 1:46 pm

    Just a quick one to say thank you for the huge and eternal deposit you poured into HP Rosebank on Sunday. As always, we so appreciated the wisdom, love, vulnerability and encouragement with which you spoke.

    All blessings!

    Lisa on mobile



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