A Bridge Between Africa and North America

I’m en route to South Africa from Houston via my favourite layover city, Istanbul Turkey.

Once walking through Taksim Square in Istanbul, famous for a movement similar to the Arab Spring a few years ago, I felt the Holy Spirit whisper to me, “this is going to be the epicentre of a revival that reaches the entire Muslim world” and a year earlier, while worshiping Jesus in a mosque prayer area in Istanbul, I felt the Lord whisper, “I gave oil to these nations out of my love for them though it hasn’t benefited many but only few. The time is coming when I will pour out my Spirit in equal measure to the amount of physical oil I have given these nations.” These are very precious promises which I hold onto in faith and share with others who long for the Father’s love to draw millions of Muslims into the embrace of a true experience with God that isn’t based on human effort.

The Lord has rooted our family in Houston, Texas and many of my friends know how this has been the fulfilment of a dream business-wise, and also a mystery regarding our passion and involvement with university student leaders in South Africa and how we could continue to pursue what God is doing in that space.

But mystery is the beauty of walking with God, isn’t it? Its designed to make us more dependent and trusting, and to reduce our control. Ouch!

Well slowly the mystery is unfolding of how the Lord is “building a golden bridge” between North America and Africa, especially South Africa, a bridge that will enable sharing of vision, fellowship, resources and faith between two great continents to advance Christ’s Kingdom. South Africa and the United States, though they are very different in geopolitical terms, are spiritual twins. Their destinies are linked and they’re meant to serve each other and work together.

Its exciting for me to be part of that “bridge building”.

If you’re in the Johannesburg area for the next two weekends (4th and 11th October 2015), I’d like to invite you to attend one of the three meetings at which I’ll be preaching.

This Sunday 4th October at WITS University in the morning and evening I’ll be speaking on a topic the Lord has been “blowing my mind” with in the past 6 months: “the power of righteousness“. Many mistake the Christian faith as an elaborate program to “become good”, and most not-Christians perceive that is what its all about. Well if that is indeed all Christianity is then it falls squarely into the concept of “karma” that underpins every one of the world’s religions – the idea that you get what you deserve, and you get closer to God (or at least try to) if you can earn it. What Jesus did is drop a nuclear bomb on “karma”, and showed a new and living way to God, in fact the only way. Its the way of grace through faith – undeserved love from God that you can’t earn – and this brings us “the power of righteousness” – a new way of “being ok” before God.

Next Sunday 11th October  I’ll be speaking at both morning services at His People Rosebank on a keys to living a supernatural lifestyle, looking at the book of Acts Chapter 3.

Here are details:

  • Sunday October 4th – 10am and 6pm at WITS University His People. “Living for a Cause”. See http://hispeoplewits.org/ for venue details and more info.

Podcasts are also typically available on the above websites, and I’ll post them on this site too.

2 thoughts on “A Bridge Between Africa and North America

  1. Lynn W. Mandeville October 6, 2015 — 4:39 pm

    I for one am deeply grateful that your family has been planted in Houston or more aptly at Faith Bible Church and your family has embraced my family in the best small group bridging North America and South Africa. Stay safe, preach what the Holy Spirit has laid on your heart and I’ll see you at next small group.


  2. I was at the service in Rosebank in the morning and again at UJ Kingsway in the evening. when you spoke of the bridge God was building between the US and South Africa, I had such excitement. you put to words what had been in heart but just could never comprehend.


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