Change the campus, change the world

In the late 1920s, a group of young South African students went to study at the universities of Berlin, Liepzig and Hamburg in Germany, among these one Hendrik Fresch Verwoerd. There they were inspired by the concept of “national socialism” more commonly termed “Nazi-ism” and this gentlemen went on to become known as the notorious “principal architect of Apartheid” in South Africa, drawing heavily on the ideas of his university years, and assisted by some of his old “college pals”.

It is said that the dominant philosophies circulating universities become the model of nations 20-30 years later. More obviously, university students become the leaders of societies 20-30 years later. Countless examples, good and bad, exist of national leaders that incubated and activated during their university years the philosophies through which they later steered nations. And that’s not to speak of business leaders, school teachers, philosophers, academics, mothers and fathers that spread influence, for good or for evil, based on the direction they find at college.

For this reason we passionately believe in the need to preach the gospel on campus and to see the Kingdom of God invading the hearts of our students. As the “tiny seed” of Christ’s Kingdom takes root, the mustard tree of Christ’s influence through society’s future leaders grows to massive effect, becoming “the largest of garden plants” (Matt 13:32). Its not the only way to impact a nation, but it certainly is a key!

Please join in faith and prayer for revival to hit the universities of South Africa.

All are invited to meetings where I will be speaking to students from WITS and UJ campuses in Johannesburg this weekend. (Note some changes to times from my previous schedule.)

  • Saturday 18th April – 10am at His People Campus Harvest. Venue details at
  • Sunday 19th April – 10am at WITS University His People. “Living for a Cause” See for venue details and more info.
  • Sunday 19th April – 5pm at UJ University His People. “Living for a Cause”. See for venue details and more info.

Non-student visitors are more than welcome to attend!

2 thoughts on “Change the campus, change the world

  1. Hi Gerard,
    I love your passion and can do attitude to everything you approach! Christ oozes out of every thing inside of you !!! Christ in you the hope of Glory!!
    I will be praying for you this weekend!!
    Blessings Gudrun


    1. Hey since when have you been calling me ‘Gerhard’?


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