Its the Jubilee year – a time to get reconnected to your inheritance in God

God established the Jubilee year for the Israelites as the shadow of a heavenly work that He does with His children today. Every 50th year was declared a time of rest and celebration for the years before, and inheritances were restored to each person. If a family had lost its ancestral land for whatever reason – neglect, error, a business risk that didn’t pay off or just tough times – the land was returned. If it was heavily mortgaged by debt, encumbered by onerous contracts or occupied by pesky tenants, these were all cancelled to make it free and clear, like the day God had first proclaimed it belonged as inheritance to a family line. Servants were set free to pursue their own paths in life, and every obligation was cancelled.

What does the Jubilee mean for us today? What is God doing?

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