Musings From a German Monastery

Musings From a German Monastery

This past weekend, during a short “hop-over” business trip to Germany, I enjoyed doing something that has been a romantic dream of mine for some time – to spend a couple of nights in a monastery. I’m interested in the history of it all, fascinated by the mindset of monks and nuns especially in modern day, and of course intrigued to see whether I can learn medieval beer brewing recipes from the heirs of the earliest microbrewers.

Most of all though, what drew me here was the idea of making a special pursuit of God, to see whether I could encounter Him in a new and special way. And I wanted to see if there was something about the lifestyle and devotion of these folks that holds lessons for me in my very different modern day life. That is what this brief post is about.


Lichtenthal Abbey, Germany

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