Hearing God #2 -Feeding from a Full Storehouse

God’s words to us are like food – they’re life-giving nourishment to our hearts. When a child of God has recently heard from the Father, there’s a sense of being “seen” and loved by God that brings fresh energy, faith and peace. Hearing Him is like eating life, and God invites “those who have no money…come and eat” (Isaiah 55). We need to eat healthy food daily to sustain our bodies, and also we need to hear the Father regularly and clearly to strengthen our spiritual lives. So how do we do this? Continue reading

We can have strong faith because we are righteous in Christ, acceptable to God

The righteous shall live by faith” is such a core truth of the new life of Christ. Everything of the heavenly world is accessed by faith. When we’re in water, swimming is the way we move; as we walk life’s steps on this planet, breathing is the way we fill our lungs minute by minute with oxygen. Speaking is the way we communicate with people. To interact with God, we must believe. Like lungs to breathe and tongues to speak, men have hearts that are capable of faith and like with arms that learn to swim, our capacity for faith grows as we train it. Continue reading