Who We Are

Rob is a husband, father, businessman, and a Christian spiritual mystic in pursuit of authentic experiences with God and a desire to leave the world a better place.

He is married to Pippa and they enjoy (most often) being parents to their three children Michael, Christine and James.

As principal of Umbono Capital, Rob invests in oil and gas, mining, technology and life sciences businesses mostly in North America.

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Rob serves as the chairman and Pippa as the executive director of HART USA, the Christian humanitarian aid agency founded by Baroness Cox, and of the affiliated 501(c)3 US non-profit organization, Leaders in Transformation, Inc., that provides an advocacy and funding platform for society transforming leaders around the world.

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The Gerhard family are based in The Woodlands, Texas, USA where Umbono Capital is headquartered and where the winters are mild. In the summers they enjoy spending time in their second home, in Traverse City, Michigan, where Umbono has several portfolio companies.

On this website, Rob shares his thoughts about meditation, or “silent waiting on God” as it is described in the Bible, of experiences of God’s loving presence, and other devotional insights that have enriched his life.

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